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Relationships with Children Improving, Marriage at a ‘New and Sweet Level’
My marriage and family life were deteriorating. In our third year of marriage, my husband and I were still getting to know each other while blending a family of 2 teenagers and 2 pre-adolescents.

Different parenting styles revealed situations that were harming our marriage and family. Both my husband and I did not know how to face the situations and make changes. To add a twist, my husband’s new job has taken him far away from home for weeks at a time, and I am raising his two sons, along with my son and daughter, alone.

While our financial stress has been alleviated, we are facing a different kind of challenge. But God in the midst of all this poured His message of LOVE, GRACE and TOTAL ACCEPTANCE into my heart through His Word and the voices of His faithful. God used Joseph Prince to open my eyes to the reality that I am God’s beloved, and that I am the righteousness of God through Jesus.

That revelation set me free in the middle of extremely trying and disappointing circumstances, even at work.

My mind has been renewed, as I no longer look at each day as an opportunity for misery, but one where the Father shows His faithfulness and LOVE for ME. I can make it through each day and each new challenge with an attitude of, “This too shall pass, and my Father will turn it around for my good.” And I have seen and experienced this happen recently.

God has opened my husband’s and my eyes to the realities of our stepchildren’s past and given us wisdom in where to find help for them. My heavenly Father has also opened a door of communication between my husband and me in an area that has been difficult, and in the natural, seemingly insurmountable.

As a double blessing, I have gotten to know my mother-in-law and have been given a Christian support network through my new family. While the relationship with my eldest stepson is challenging, there is progress, and his eyes are being opened to the fact that his behaviors need addressing.

I have also been given a bonus blessing through my relationship with my younger stepson. My children are seeing up-close how to parent in difficult situations. And although their faith is being tested, God is faithful and revealing Himself to them.

My husband and I have reached a new and sweet level in our marriage, as we have had to trust each other in ways we have never had to with anyone else.

Most importantly, I KNOW my Father loves me, and He speaks to me, and I trust Him.

Thank you for sharing this message with me and with the rest of the world. It is my hope that God will use me in mighty ways to share His radical love with my children, family and friends so that they too can walk through this life knowing that God is on their side, and each one is His beloved.

Julie* | Los Angeles, USA
*Name has been changed to protect writer’s privacy
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